Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bcp - project

the acronym is very-very simple: bcp = bigcitypussycats , the name of my new projects

in the hungarian bike-site ( the article )I read time to time that the scooters and every 50ccm moped are too slow, and these bits of the traffic are the causes of the street accidents. bullsh*t!!!

Every day when I see on the street the scooters/mopeds whitout any kind of fantasy, style and these are unattended, I'm so fuc*&ß"%!/=   ... uh.

The project is a demonstration that I belive in the stylish mopeds, scooters, small motorbikes. These stuffs are the evidences to prove that the "live in style" is NOT a dream.
- the first step: let me show you some of these beauty stuffs

custom minarelli

malaguti fifty

komar sport

oscar MC/T minarelli engine

motorized bicycle custom

minarelli engine, "tubone" frame

puch maxi


puch maxi original hardtail
holly web, thanks a lot for the pictures ... so many inspiration

the next step is my mopeds -my bigcitypussycats
earlier you could see my minarelli project. He's (yeap, HE= my minarelli p4 moPED) the first, but in the last week I got a minarelli p6 corsa corta engine, so she (yeah, SHE= the minarelli p6 project) will be my future "bcp"

the dead line, for the two mopeds and one singlespeed bicycle "bcp" projects, is 15. march

see you on the next week, with some frame modification

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